Warranty (applicable for electronics only)  

At www.shopmonk.com.au, we procure imported products with free delivery and dispatch within 14-21 days.  While the imported electronic products come with a 1-Year Monk Warranty, there will be a 6 month Warranty on Accessories.  www.shopmonk.com.au offers its Customers a One-year Warranty (for ‘Manufacturers Defective’ products ONLY). This Warranty is ONLY applicable on products bought from www.shopmonk.com.au or its affiliates for which the manufacturer/brand of the product being sold does not offer warranty in Australia.  We don’t accept any out of warranty repairs across all the products bought from the www.shopmonk.com.au website or any other website.  Warranty - Terms & Conditions Following terms and conditions constitute a contract between the Customer ('You' or 'Your' or 'User' or 'Customer') and Longman Capital Pte Ltd (referred to as ‘Seller’ or ‘We’ or ‘Our’)and www.shopmonk.com.au (referred to as ‘shopmonk’). These terms and conditions apply to all products purchased from shopmonk Australia or from its affiliates unless indicated otherwise. On certain days, such as exclusive sale, year-end sale, festival sale and so on, the cancellations and returns policy may not be applicable. All such cases will be indicated to the customer clearly on the website.  All Warranties provided by Seller are subject to shopmonk Australia Website Terms & Conditions listed here. Shopmonk Australia reserves the right to make changes to this Policy without notice. All status communication between shopmonk Australia and Users will be on email (email ID used to register on www.shopmonk.com.au) or phone number (number as registered on website).  As brands may choose to support warranty terms for specific products or for products from specific countries of origin on an ongoing case-by-case basis, an exhaustive list is not provided here. Shopmonk Australia has made efforts to list products covered under Monk Warranty or Manufacturer Warranty on the product page of the website on a best effort basis.  Under Monk Warranty, the seller will try to fix your item within 14 business days from the day it is received at its center, however under exceptional circumstances, if spare parts are not available, it may take longer that the defined 14 days . If Seller is not able to fix the product within the normal timeframe, we will offer you a replacement or refund the full amount paid at the time of purchase.  Note that: Monk Warranty does not replace Warranty if provided in Australia by the Manufacturer or Brand of the specific product at the time of sale. Monk Warranty is invalid in all such cases. Monk Warranty if applicable will commence from date of delivery of product for a year. Monk Warranty does not extend or add-on to existing manufacturer warranty time period, if present. Shopmonk Australia is not affiliated with the manufacturer of the products in any way. Products are international models imported directly from internationally based distributors and may differ in some respects from other similar products available from retailers in Australia.  All accessories or items provided along with the device sold including but not limited to charger, battery, earphones, remote, Computer Mouse etc. will be covered for a period of 6 months from date of sale. Other than the time period of warranty, the remaining terms will follow that of One-year Monk Warranty with terms as given below.  

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