Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse

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  • Primary Features :
    • Model : Mi Wireless Mouse
    • Type : Wireless Optical Mouse
    • Dimension : 98.1×56.0×34.4 mm
    • Weight : 82 g
    • Receiving distance : 10 m
    • Wireless Connection : 2.4GHz RF
    • Connection : USB-dongle
    • Precise Point Positioning : 1200dpi
    • Number of buttons : 4
    • Standby time : about a year
    • OS : Windows 7/8/10Mac X 10.8 and aboveChrome
  • Highlights :
    • Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse is a wireless mouse with a right-hand design. It measures 98.1 x 56.0 x 34.4 mmwhich is a perfect size for an average adult palm.
    • The mouse was made with Asian hand-type in mind and fills the curve of hand flawlessly to provide a comfortable grip and therefore a frustration-free experience when using it with your computer or laptop.
    • The mouse has gone through a UV-process that made its surface shiny and silky smooth. It is pleasant to hold giving you the sensation as if you are touching baby’s skin.
    • Due to UV-processthe black version of the mouse looks like it is made out of metalthe one you could see in Mi Notebooks. The white version of the mouse is as if given a beautiful highlight to look more elegant.
    • Not only is the mouse good-lookingbut it is also wear- and tear-resistant. Howeveras any other object you tend to use often it requires cleanings and disinfection from time to time.
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